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Welcome to Princess Paula Consulting

For over 20 years, I have been honing my skills in the Business Development arena including working for a Fortune 500 not for profit, a National remediation franchise, MN School Districts and independent entrepreneurs. I am your secret weapon in this ever-evolving battlefield of business development.

Fuelled by an unrelenting passion for excellence, I take immense pride in my ability to go above and beyond, ensuring that my clients are not just satisfied, but amazed by the transformative results my work delivers.


An experienced speaker, I am passionate about networking and discovering your natural market and communicating this to audiences of five to five thousand. I am a relentless optimist, always searching for the silver lining and leveraging it to unlock unimaginable possibilities.

As a Business Development Strategist, I don't settle for ordinary partnerships; I forge connections that are driven by a profound purpose. I strive for significant outcomes that redefine the landscape of success for my clients, propelling them to new heights they never thought possible. 

Today, I extend an invitation for a complimentary consultation, where we'll take a closer look at your existing marketing endeavors and evaluate their effectiveness. Armed with this valuable information, I will craft a well-defined plan to propel your business forward. This tailor-made strategy will enable you to actively engage your customers, expand your brand's reach, and foster substantial growth for your business.

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I am available for anyone in the Business Development space.  Whether you want to learn how to network, you want to learn how to do more effective social media or you want to be found on Google.  Because THAT is how your customers are going to find you!" - Princess Paula

I will be doing workshops, I am for hire as a speaker or a trainer, we can meet one on one - there is a variety of ways that we can work together. If you have a business of any size that needs to connect with your customers and client base then I can help.

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